Harmony Horses Center

Harmony Horses Center for Growth and Healing Fund

Imagine a trauma survivor who had equine therapy expenses covered by an agency who no longer qualifies for those services. Imagine children in need of equine and nature based therapy and/or learning activities without access to those opportunities. Sometimes it is those who are in the most need of services who have the least ability to pay.

Therapists that are engaged in doing experiential therapy, such as Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, know that breakthroughs often happen in a more profound and often expedient way than what can be accomplished in an office setting. Experiences such as being able to move a 1400 pound horse back with a single finger, having a horse in a cooperative relationship follow with no physical connection, or simply being in nature, can be empowering, calming, boost self esteem, and create confidence.

Because Nancy Goldman hopes to make these therapeutic opportunities available to anybody regardless of their ability to pay, she has established the Harmony Horses Growth and Healing Fund at the Community Foundation of Greater Jackson, a 501c3 chartered in Mississippi. The purpose of this fund is to cover some of the substantial costs of providing these services.

Hosting the fund through the Community Foundation ensures that contributions are 100% tax-deductible. These donations help to provide equine-facilitated and nature based services to those who could not otherwise afford such programs at Harmony Farm.