Equine Assisted Therapy

A transformative experience from the bond with a powerful animal.

Equine Assisted Therapy is an experiential therapy that utilizes the relationship between humans and horses. It has been proven to improve a client’s physical, emotional and mental health.

As a lifelong horse owner and therapeutic practitioner, Nancy has seen that transformative power work on her clients, including adults and children. This, combined with other therapies, or as a stand-alone approach, can help clients move more quickly towards life goals.  

Nancy uses equine therapy as a multisensory experience engaging all parts of the brain and body to create a relationship between client and horse. Even clients initially terrified of horses have found themselves transformed by the experience and the way it engages the whole person—mind, body and spirit—creating a sense of accomplishment and boosting confidence.

Through hands-on activities with horses, clients often recognize emotional and behavioral patterns “in the moment” during sessions, allowing for adaptation, creation of new responses, and the development of new skills.

Equine-assisted therapy can be used for clients suffering from a broad range of problems including trauma, stress, depression, relationship issues, emotional regulation, certain physical ailments, social anxieties, fears, confidence building, and self esteem.

Nancy also works with other therapists in providing adjunct therapy. Clients stay with their regular therapist and come to the farm for additional therapy. this is particularly useful when there is a slow-down of progress or when blocks are encountered. Interactions with horses can also create opportunities for  calming mindfulness experiences. Nancy will work with you to decide if equine-assisted therapy is right for you.

EquiLateral Therapy*

This powerful approach combines EMDR and Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy. It allows for in the moment processing of material as it arises during an equine session using EMDR. EMDR is also utilized to enhance positive experiences with horses and help make them more accessible between sessions.

*EquiLateral is trademarked by Dragonfly International, LLC.

For more information on equine-assisted therapy and how it can work for you visit:



www.eaemdr.com (EquiLateral Therapy)